BAIB Award
Pink Champagne



SUGGESTED USE: This fine soft glitter can be used with eye-shadow, gloss/lipstick, and on body and hair. Glitter can be a bit messy if not used properly, so remember that a little goes a long way, so don't drown yourself in glitter, use sparingly.

  • Use alone and delicately pat on eyelid as a tantalizing crystal highlight for the eye area, and along with any shadow to turn it into a glitter shadow. You'll definitely have that sparkle in your eye.
  • Can be mixed with your fave gloss, lipstick, to turn it into a glitter product.
  • Dip your liquid liner in glitter for a glitter liner result.
  • Sprinkle on any body part for that magical crystal sparkle effect. Excellent for Holiday looks, or a wild night out.
  • You can also use it in conjunction with your hair product to hold the style in place or just sprinkle a bit to lose hair for gleaming effects. Hairspray holds all in place.
  • Mix it in with any clear nail varnish to get glittery nails or mix with your fave colored nail polish.
  • Please note that whenever you use any lose glitter product some glitter displacement will occur. Just the nature of the product. So please try using with any natural balm which is approved for eye area - to hold in place.

Caution: Please be warned if you are a contact lens wearer or have eyes and that if any glitter particle gets in your eyes, do not rub but rather wash/flush with lukewarm water to clear the debris. If irritation persists please see your eye doctor immediately.

The container pot comes with a novel spoon charm, which can be used as jewelry with a necklace , bracelet, cell phone or as a dispenser.