3 Things That Aren’t Worth Buying During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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  • According to retail expert Andrea Woroch, not all Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday sales are worthwhile.
  • He warned about the ticket sales – wait until Travel Tuesday for the best prices.
  • He also said to avoid electronic transactions and wait until close to Christmas to buy winter clothes.

Starting in November, it feels like every brand and retailer is trying to dangle huge savings opportunities in our faces and inboxes. In recent years, Black Friday sales, which used to start at midnight on Thanksgiving for many stores, began weeks earlier, and many retailers are offer the same deals online that they promote in stores – making shopping even easier.

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So as you begin to think about what you want to buy during the November sales of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, heed the warnings of savings expert Andrea Woroch and avoid these five sales this season.

1. Travel package

During the holiday season, you may be eager to book vacations and trips for 2023, hoping to get the best deal possible. But Woroch said, to get those deals, wait just one day after Cyber ​​Monday.

“The best deals are made on Travel Tuesday, which will be held on November 29,” said Woroch.

Either way, to make sure you’re getting the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals, Woroch says to set up alerts for places of interest so you can get quick updates when get a deal.

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2. Electric doorbuster

While you may see a lot of price drops happening on Black Friday for electronics, Woroch says those sales are often limited to retail items, which means you may be sacrificing quality to save money.

Woroch says that if you don’t think about getting something different from the brand, make sure you check the authenticity of the item, because you won’t get exactly what you think you are.

“In many cases, a machine that promotes the bulk of the trade on Friday may be a special one, that is, it was made specifically for the shopping but it is missing the main parts and the similarities of model sales throughout the year so the store can sell. for less,” Woroch said.

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If you’re holding out for the gadget you want, Woroch recommends setting up sales using a browser extension, so you don’t miss a sale on the one you see.

3. Winter clothes

As the seasons change and holiday shopping begins, Woroch says if you’re tempted to stock up on winter clothes, wait until after Christmas Day. Friday and Cyber ​​Monday because you will find the best price on these items at the end. the season.

“Wait a little longer until the last two weeks before Christmas,” Woroch said. “Not only will you find great deals on winter clothing, but many retailers will be offering discounts on additional collections.”

Woroch says to prepare for these offers, install a search tool, like Cently, to find any coupons available so you don’t miss out on extra savings.


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