America needs Trump now more than ever

In 2016, Donald Trump achieved the most significant political victory in American history. He defeated Hillary Clinton – the ultimate insider in Washington as a former first lady, senator and secretary of state. For Clinton supporters, the victory was unthinkable, but Trump’s straight talking, confidence, demeanor, America First agenda, and most of all, his determination to fight put him on top.

His campaign team let Trump be Trump, and that’s the Trump we all love. We applauded when Trump needed his opponents in both the Republican primaries and the presidential election. Nothing would have been more satisfying than watching him disparage the politicians who failed the American people so badly. Trump destroyed the Republican elite, and transferred power to the people.

Opponents joined in the Never Trump attack, but he prevailed. Unfortunately, Trump’s 2020 campaign bore little resemblance to 2016. It was undermined by establishment figures competing to see who could tame Trump or exploit him for personal and financial advantage the most. Instead of being staunch Trump defenders, the 2020 campaign team tread carefully to protect its own image.

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Donald Trump received the most votes of any sitting US president despite the impact of COVID-19.

Trump’s presidency was the first to be defined by the president himself. It’s fantastic to see Trump make one last bid for the presidency in 2024. Joe Biden’s administration is an exercise in destroying America, with open border policies, stimulative energy costs, and moving us closer to war.

The Americans put up the racket and call for real leadership. A poll from Monmouth University this summer found that 88% of Americans feel the country is on the wrong track.

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Trump’s “America First” platform of secure borders, energy autonomy and a military approach to achieving peace is the plan for a stronger nation. To win the presidency in 2024, Trump will need more than just his agenda and record. Trump is the key to his success. People close to Trump seem to be working on a 2020 style makeover to make him look more presidential and professional. Trump voters in 2016 weren’t looking for a statesman, a career politician or even a diplomat.

Especially in a world ruled by dictators like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping, and a bureaucratic quagmire run by career Beltway politicians. We need someone to stand up to them – Trump has done that.

The results of the 2022 term should serve as a warning that “restraining” Trump will lead to a loss in the 2024 presidential election. It was frustrating to see Trump at the midterm rallies limited to giving speeches instead of speaking from the heart, being provocative and stirring up the media. As in 2016, everyone will be against Trump in 2024, and he will not be able to win without skilled strategists and staunchly loyal defenders who are not afraid of a good fight.

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The success of the Republican primary is guaranteed by the MAGA base, but Trump’s appeal to the mainstream simply by being Trump is what will win him the White House.

Rashid Walters is an entrepreneur, political commentator and historian. He is a member of Project 21, and lives in Boston. Follow him on Twitter @rasheednwalters.


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