Become a Better Small Business Leader by Learning from Successful Founders

Leading a business requires many skills, from solving problems to generating ideas. Even the most successful entrepreneurs need to improve. Read on for lessons from some of the biggest names in business – and members of the internet small business community.

become a better small business leader

Become A Master Problem Solver Like Elon Musk

Whatever your personal opinion of Elon Musk is, it cannot be denied that he has solved many difficult problems with success. All entrepreneurs need strong problem solving skills. Learn from the masters in this Inspire to Thrive post by Lisa Sicard. Then visit the BizSugar community to see what people are saying.

Learn from the founder of McDonald’s

Whether you want to become a freelancer or start your own global brand, there are many lessons to be learned from the founder of McDonald’s. Adam Hansen explains Ray Kroc’s success in this Small Business blog. And the BizSugar community chimed in with additional ideas here.

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Motivate Your Employees

Strong leaders know how to motivate their team. This may look different depending on the size of your team and the structure of the company. But the foundations of motivation are quite broad. Get valuable advice in this SMB CEO post by Ivan Widjaya.

Don’t Blame Others for Business Problems

When you own a business, you are responsible for its success and failure. Leaders are tempted to blame others when something goes wrong. But managing mistakes can help you grow. Ryan Biddulph of Blogging from Paradise elaborates on the subject in this post.

Find Your Company’s Core Values

If you want your company to be successful, you need to define what that success looks like. Key values ​​can provide strong guidance to business owners and their teams. Rachel Strella of Strella Social Media explains in detail in this post. And the BizSugar team adds their own thoughts to the discussion here.

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Create a Working Prototype of Your Solution

Problems are inevitable when running a business. But creating a working example of a solution can help you overcome challenges quickly. Marty Zwilling of Startup Professionals Musings goes over the idea in this post.

Keep employees happy and satisfied

Happy employees tend to work hard on your business goals. But it is not always easy to maintain high levels of satisfaction and motivation. Get some helpful tips in this Small Biz Viewpoints post by Harry and Sally Vaishnav.

Make sure you have enough resources before buying a Franchise

A big part of being an effective leader is being honest about what you can achieve and managing resources effectively. Today, franchise owners are facing increasing costs due to inflation and other factors. Joel Libava of the Franchise King explains why those interested in buying a business need more money than before.

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Improve your creativity and leadership with a Business Coach

Even if you are a successful entrepreneur, there is always something more to learn. Especially if you lead a team or work in a creative field, a coach can help you grow even more. Read more about the benefits of business education in this Noobpreneur post by Robin Waite.

Find Opportunities Your Competitors Are Missing

Leading a business is often about finding opportunities that your competitors aren’t taking advantage of. This is true in many areas of marketing and activity, including SEO. David Leonhardt shares three SEO opportunities in this Anthony Gaenzle blog post. And the members of the BizSugar community said it here.

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