Bitfarms seeks to modify loan facility with BlockFi as bear market drags on

Bitcoin (BTC) mining company Bitfarms has announced plans to change an existing loan agreement with BlockFi – a move the company said would reduce its debt amid the bear market.

On January 13, Bitfarm announced that it is working with creditors to modify a loan agreement for Backbone Mining Solutions, or BMS, which owns and operates Bitfarms’ 20-megawatt mining facility. home in Washington state. BMS received a $32 million equipment loan from Bitcoin lender BlockFi in February 2022. The loan was secured against BMS’s current assets, including its miners and a certain percentage of BTC produced by its mining rigs.

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When BMS acquired the loan facility, Bitcoin was trading north of $40,000. The price of the flagship digital asset has since fallen below $20,000, reaching a low of around $15,600 in November, according to data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView.

As a result of the bear market, the assets securing the BMS loan have fallen by about $5 million, while the capital and interest expense is about $20 million. .

Bitfarms “expected to seek better terms from BlockFi and may take further steps to reduce BMS’s obligations,” the company said.

Jeff Lucas, Bitfarms chief financial officer, explained further:

“Given today’s challenging market conditions, we are seeking to restructure Washington state’s credit facility to meet more favorable terms and conditions.” the market vision and our business plan.”

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Bitfarms and its subsidiaries hold about $36 million worth of unencumbered crypto assets and about $47 million worth of debt, which includes a $20 million BlockFi loan. In an effort to reduce costs, the company has increased operational efficiency by hiring new miners.

BlockFi is facing its own problems after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November. The Bitcoin investor closed its doors after the crypto exchange FTX – its savior at the time of the Terra ecosystem – suffered with little warning.

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The fall of the FTX drop continues to haunt the market. The former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, has eight criminal charges and up to 115 years in prison for his role in defrauding businessmen.

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