Central Ohioans unlock world of imagination with Legos at Brick Fest event

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – This week thousands of children in central Ohio are using one of their most creative ways to, brick-by-brick, unlock the world of imagination.

“After that, I want to see what everything looks like,” said Solomon Ramsey, an eight-year-old boy who has been playing with Legos since he was three.

As we speak, Ramsey is putting together just a small part of a much larger project at the Columbus Convention Center.

“I’ve never done pixel art before, so it was really fun for me,” Ramsey said.

As they searched through the funds for the right parts, for Ramsey’s father, it was a moment of passion. “My mom saved all my Legos from my childhood, and when we moved into our house, she brought all my Legos back to me, and she found them under her bed at three days, just dig in and start going to town.” Ramsey’s father said.

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Ramsey is one of nearly 8,000 kids who will be heading to the convention center this weekend for ‘Brick Fest Live’ — one of the nation’s largest events for fans of all things Lego.

“Some of the kids will be here all day and build different cars just to win, that’s one of the things that’s popular here,” said Devon Smith, Brick Fest Live show director.

In addition to the car derby races, attendees were treated to a variety of free building stations and one-of-a-kind exhibits. “It’s a situation where everybody can sit there for hours and just quietly build something and this thing will survive,” Smith urges.

The kids met Jack Schwarz, a master builder from the TV show “LEGO Masters.”

“I love this. This sparks creativity in kids, and I’m really excited to be a part of it,” said Schwarz, adding that when it comes to building Legos, Ramsey and his father are not alone. . For brick lovers, Lego is more than just fun and games.

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“Families come back to be together and build together. It’s kind of like opening up a conversation between them that sometimes gets lost,” Schwarz added. If you missed all the fun of building Lego on Saturday, Brick Fest Live continues at Sunday at the Columbus Convention Center from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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