CRTG) goes from strength to strength following the release of its video demonstrating the process and market potential for Endurion, its Lithium-ion based silicon battery program

Carlton James Group

Carlton James Group

Coretech Group’s development of its own unique chemistry shows unicorn potential with their Endurian battery. An explanatory video is released showing the battery’s ability to significantly increase the longevity, charge speed and storage capacity of lithium batteries. This related technology could revolutionize the battery sector without requiring a complete overhaul of the industry.

The Coretec Group is targeting its resources on the electric vehicle (EV) market, resulting in the worldwide attention of leading EV manufacturers. Overdependence on batteries for future sustainability is driving the global lithium silicon battery market, which is estimated to grow from $10m USD in 2022 to $247m USD by 2030. This growth is the main focus of Carlton’s investment in complementary technology. James Diversified Alpha Fund Strategy.

ROYAL WOOTON BASSET, United Kingdom, Dec. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Carlton James Group, an investment management group specializing in recession-proof portfolios and venture debt, is excited to welcome Coretech, its first support technology company. The Group achieves another of its milestones with the successful progress of the Endurian lithium silicon battery program. To learn more about Coretec Group, watch this short informative video.

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Coretec’s ( CRTG ) journey with Carlton James Group began in 2016, as Coretec Group became the first major technology sector loan investment for Carlton James. From the beginning, the Carlton James Group saw the clear potential of the engineering expertise within the Coretec Group and its potential to add value to the EV and energy supply chain.

Since then, through acquisitions, reverse mergers and a growing team of engineers, the Coretec Group has gone from strength to strength, developing their unique chemical developments expertise. This enabled the Coretec Group to undertake further research and development in this high-value area.

The launch of its Endurance battery program in early 2022 saw a natural progression, which led to connections with some of the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturers, opening doors for the Coretec Group to become leaders in the field of EV lithium silicon battery technology. In the first quarter of 2023, we expect this hard work on the battery to lead to further valuations in the industry and a strengthened patent portfolio, paving the way for the group to move forward with its involvement in the EV market.

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“The Coretec Group shares our vision of the most effective way to bring new technologies to market. By developing technology that can improve existing products in the market, you have the scalability you can access in many areas. Said Bob Payne, Chairman of the Carlton James Group.

“It is important to us that any technology investment we make is easily adopted and complementary to the existing market, thus increasing the opportunity for a higher return on investment as we have more potential customers. This is what Coretec Group does. You can see this in their review video, which is a great way to learn what they do and understand its market potential.

To view the explainer video please click the link – CRTG Endurion Battery Explainer Video

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For more information visit Coretec Group The Coretec Group is a publicly traded company and for more information about it visit

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