Embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion In the Swimming World

Embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the World of Swimming

Most of the teams in our country have the same situation: high-powered swimmers who have worked all their lives. Other countries have different conditions for athletes, different perspectives and lifestyles. We need to understand and embrace this. Having more swimmers, whether from different races, cultures or people makes the sport more enjoyable. Of course, it takes a lot of effort to ensure that your team is able to participate.

Increase Your Diversity

Usually, one rower on the team is from another country. Sometimes, this player cannot speak English and is not familiar with American situations. Some foreign players end up being best and most loyal friends. Appreciate this diversity by spending more time with them. Take them out to dinner, take them to a store they’ve never been to, or invite them to watch a football game. You never know what impact these little things can have on their quality of life. You can learn a lot from those from different cultures, and it helps to build the strength of the team.

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Internship Training

Getting involved means getting out of your comfort zone to help others feel empowered, empowered, and heard. We often shut down the idea of ​​trying to fit in someone who might be different from us. We like to find cliques, especially in larger groups. When surfers go to the same school, have similar backgrounds, or are of the same gender/ethnicity, they feel isolated in a group. Thus, it creates social boundaries and cultural norms that are unfair and unjust.

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Examining other differences

Communicate with someone new, expand your horizons and engage in a fun, different activity to expand engagement. This may be different, but it is interesting to learn about the minority. Don’t be ashamed to look down on others because you’re not exactly like them. Focusing on these little things can pay off big in the long run.

Equity vs Equality

Equality is when everyone is given the same resources and opportunities, but justice appreciates that everyone is different. This applies to swimming. You have to understand that everyone comes from a different place. These diverse characters will help the team reach the end of the season. Regardless of differences, allow everyone to have a chance. Correct practice ensures that athletes move and work as one unit.

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Create a Safe Space

As swimmers, most athletes know not to discriminate against people because of their differences. You are on a team. Create an inclusive atmosphere. Be approachable to your friends. Small adjustments to this microbehavior can create a safe space for the group. You never know how much a compliment or gesture can make your partner feel more engaged and appreciated.

Embrace diversity, equity and inclusion in our world of swimming.


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