‘Emily in Paris’ fans confused by McDonald’s, other product placement in hit show

Some “Emily in Paris” fans who flocked to the hit show’s third season disrupted the product placement in the early episodes.

Emily Cooper, played by actress Lily Collins, is a Chicago marketing executive who lands her dream job in Paris. The Netflix series is known for its stylish fashion. That’s why some fans were surprised to see McDonald’s feature heavily in the opening episode, “I Have Two Lovers” as Emily pitches the company to one of her bosses as a new customer.


In one scene, Emily is having lunch with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel, who says that the American fast food chain is considered nicer in France. He takes a nearby McDonald’s to her while the camera pans over tasty macaroons.

The opening episode’s ode to McDonald’s, many viewers said, was not on their “bingo card”. Many others questioned the idea that the chain was luxury.

Others, however, approved of the film.

“The best thing about Emily in Paris is an accurate description of the excellence of McDonald’s in Europe,” wrote journalist Zameena Mejia.

McDonald’s is hardly the only product that gets the spotlight in the new season. Netflix includes a disclaimer at the beginning of an episode or movie that contains product placement.

In the fifth episode, Emily appears on the cover of French magazine Le Monde weekly “M” as an influential person in Paris.

Fox News Digital has reached out to Netflix for comment.

The new season of 'Emily in Paris' has been criticized for several instances of product placement.

The new season of ‘Emily in Paris’ has been criticized for several instances of product placement.
(Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Netflix)

Other “Emily in Paris” viewers were too preoccupied with the discovery of the McBaguette — a double burger on a baguette with Dijon mustard, Swiss cheese and cabbage — to worry too much about product placement. An “Emily in Paris” meal is available for purchase at the French McDonald’s as part of the show’s promotion. The meal consists of the McBaguette mentioned in “Emily in Paris,” along with fries, a medium drink and two macaroons. The sandwich debuted in 2012 but had been available for a limited time until its return in 2021.

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