France celebrates WCup victory, fans cheer Morocco team

PARIS (AP) – Crowds in Paris and other French cities cheered as France qualified for the World Cup on Wednesday, entering say the fans of Morocco to the supporters of the winning team, who appreciate the achievement of the African country.

Football fans streamed down the Champs-Elysees in Paris, shooting fireworks and red flares, to the endless sound of traffic.

Along the famous route, many waved French flags and chanted “We’re in the finals.”

Some Moroccan fans, wrapped in the North African country’s flag, also cheered their team on the streets of the French capital.

France beat Morocco 2-0 to reach the World Cup final against Argentina in an epic match between the champion and the first African finalist.

Supporters from both teams gathered in bars from the streets of Paris to the streets of Morocco’s capital Rabat, from the French Riviera city of Nice to the Moroccan city of Marrakech. .

Celebrating the victory near the Bastille square, in the center of Paris, Adrien Vignau, a 22-year-old Parisian, celebrated “a great victory for France” and said that he was looking forward to the competition last against Argentina and its star player, Lionel Messi.

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“Bravo to Moroccans,” said Parisian Corentin Voiseux. “Tonight not only France wins but all French-speaking peoples. … We are together and the Moroccans will be with us in the final,” he added.

In the center of Madrid, fans celebrated in Sol Square after the match, some with red Moroccan flags on their shoulders, jumping up and down, others wearing three French colors.

In Belgium, violence briefly broke out in Brussels after the game with authorities using water cannons and tear gas after the goal. An hour and a half later, calm had returned. Reports said about 40 prisoners. There was also some trouble north of Antwerp.

In Paris, riot police cars lined the boulevard and the base of the Arc de Triomphe, and officers in white hats marched through the crowd on the Champs-Elysees. A few incidents broke out, prompting officers to use tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Despite their frustrations, Moroccan fans expressed pride in their team and expressed the history-making moment this game represented.

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A resident of Rabat, Fatima Zahra Attaq said that she “feels sad, but this is football. … After all, they worked hard and we are proud to reach this stage of the competition.

“The national team had a dream,” said Reda Hakam, who works in Rabat. “The dream is over now. I’m not sad. I am very proud.”

Kenza El Amrani said “I think Moroccans should wipe the tears from their eyes and be happy for this team.”

Those who attended the game in Qatar also praised the performance and fighting spirit of the African team.

“Morocco played their hearts out,” said Ayaz Dhrolia, a fan from Canada who had his face painted in Morocco colors as he left Doha’s Al Bayt Stadium. “They won the hearts of millions and millions of people around the world, really appreciate it. Thanks, Morocco.”

Youssra Zhata, a Moroccan woman at the game, said, “they reached the final, and that’s an achievement. … And Africans, Arabs, all support us.

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Morocco was under French rule from 1912-56, resulting in political and emotional rivalry between the two nations..

Morocco has exceeded all expectations in Qatar by knocking off second-placed Belgium in the group stage, then eliminating European powerhouses Spain and Portugal in the knockout stage to reach the final.

In Gaza, Palestinians packed cafes and large outdoor screens expressed grief over Morocco’s death.

“The whole of Gaza is now saddened by this result. We hope they win,” said Wael al-Riffi, a resident of Gaza, while holding a Moroccan flag.

Crowds also gathered in the Israeli-occupied West Bank to watch the game.

The Palestinians received love from the Moroccan national team when the players wore the Palestinian flag several times during the World Cup.


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Jeff Schaeffer and Oleg Cetinic in Paris, Tarik El Barakah in Rabat, Morocco, Lujain Jo and Helena Alves in Doha, Qatar, Fares Akram in Gaza City and Raf Casert in Brussels, Belgium, joined the conversation.


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