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By Tunde Asaju

When it comes to security, no one should take America seriously. The reasons are found in the words of our elders. In the olden days, a jingle on Radio Nigeria reminds us that the words of our elders are words of wisdom; The wise man hears this, and becomes wiser.

Our elders say that when someone promises to buy you a cool outfit, pay attention to what he is wearing. Our elders are wise, but if we live by their advice, we are likely to miss out on the generosity of Dangote, Otdola and Alakiya. None of these eternally rich people need to wear the latest in fashion to prove their wealth.

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Now forget Sadio Mane, the multi-millionaire footballer who dresses like a monk. Mane made millions from football but lived like Jose Mojica. He says his position is one of solidarity with the people of Bambali, Senegal, where he has invested over $100 million in building a school and hospital. Most of his members have underground garages full of multi-million dollar cars, flashy wristwatches and companies with enhanced body parts.

If you see a billionaire flaunting extravagant wealth, like the mobile Umo Owalumi showing off his dirty gates around the world, they catch a cruise. In ordinary terms, they seek unnecessary attention. You will never see Dangote, Otedola, or Alakija on social media flaunting the latest Audemars Piguet, A. Lange & Sohne chronographs, the latest iPhones, or their Bugatti, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce. The point we’re making here is that the tripe can pretend anything he likes is fat; It doesn’t have the same texture.

So we move away. The fact is that in the modern world, America remains the most dangerous country on earth. Its citizens’ obsession with their First Amendment rights, vicarious duties, and their fascination with hard drugs make their country the most dangerous nation on Earth. Before you finish reading this, any criminally inclined person can walk into the nearest Walmart or gun store; Buy a submachine gun and ammo, load it in the parking lot and come back to make the humans his target practice.

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If the perpetrator is white, he can surrender to the police and eat his dinner in peace. He has a better chance of standing in front of a judge than a black kid playing with a toy gun in his father’s yard has to make it through to the next day. This, my good friend, is not racism, it is called extermination. The bard believes that the colored people of America tend to multiply indiscriminately and that if their numbers are not reduced, they may dispossess the divine rights of the white race from its inheritance as the white race usurped the rights of the native owners of the land.

Therefore, when America issued an order for its citizens living in Nigeria and South Africa to evacuate and for those in essential positions to stay away from shopping malls and public places, no one should have taken them seriously. Buhari says Nigeria is safe and that is the law.

Back to the Americans, for all their powerful technology and visionary evangelists, they never accurately predicted where the next carnage would occur. They seem to know more about the modus operandi of other people’s insurgents than their own serial killers.

The prospect of a possible attack on Nigeria and South Africa scared the continent. Of course, they have a right to evacuate their citizens, but the right to terrorize Nigerians is exclusive to Muhammadu Buhari. His lack of governance has scared off potential investors, intimidated professionals and put off health workers and academics. When it comes to the right to terrorize citizens, African governments hate competition.

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Recently, the Nigerian government set a cut-off date of December for the activities of insurgents, kidnappers, armed robbers and Texans. Given the record of Buhari’s promise to end Boko Haram ending in technical defeat, this fateful date reminds us of another thing of our elders.

Our elders say that when a blind man threatens to stone someone, that person should be very worried. Obviously the blind man must be holding a stone or his foot is on one. Only a government that controls the insecurity faucet can; A project for sure to finish it in a given time – because even America had to abandon Afghanistan. We don’t need Messenger Johnson Suleiman to tell us that this regime holds the keys to the vaults of the rebellion.

Be that as it may, the American intimidation has awakened a sleeping giant – the incomparable Minister of Propaganda, Lai Muhammad, who has long been absent from action. Lai especially likes to talk about things he knows little or nothing about. This is why most Nigerians do not pay attention to him. Lai claims he has never told a lie in his life, but Nigerians know that lying comes with the territory.

As soon as America sneezed, he left for the island. And even for a country that lags ahead of America in meeting its security needs, Lai came out with smoking guns. Of course he denied the omnipotence of American intelligence over Nigeria. He asked them to mind their own business and keep their long noses out of Buhari’s soup pot. He just lacks a threat in war. Nigeria hates being dictated to; But even more, it hates being fixed, tuned or redirected.

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While Lai is reeling, presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar set fire to his plane and flew to Washington. The fact that Americans, including Nigerian-Americans, will not vote in Nigeria’s elections has not deterred its would-be president from campaigning abroad. We hope in the spirit of reciprocity that Joe Biden will come to Abuja to flag his mid-term poll strategy if not for the prevailing fear-mongering.

As a former Vice President, Atiku is a privileged Nigerian who is in charge of the internal workings of government and security, but he did not get the memo before he took off. Don’t worry, even Buhari’s Minister of Finance, Budget and Planning, Zainab Ahmed, was not consulted as Nigeria plans to change the colors of its currency. What’s more, anyone who should know better says it’s not unusual!

While we thanked Lai for dropping the bombshell on American hypocrisy, our patriotism could have stood on end if Daura’s secret service, DSS, had not stepped in. In their first raid on a hideout, they produced 35 insurgents and in a raid on an Abuja mansion; They reportedly picked up two brothers. Who said the DSS could not do more than scare Nigerians?

This dynamism has nothing to do with the warning of the Americans. From us! This is the proactive nature of the DSS, which has been known in the past to deal with harassment by those in government while the rebels are handwritten. America should not claim any superiority in this attack. Even if it had not issued a statement, our security forces would have responded, after all we released insurgents arrested from Koja prison and paid ransom for the victims of the Abuja-Kaduna train! For the sake of national survival, we hope these Americans will never be silenced. If they do, we are doomed.


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