Healthy film criticism is diminishing: Indrans | Entertainment Interview

Are you back in comedy with ‘Anandam Paramanandam.’?

Yes, I’m back in a full-length comic role after a long hiatus. Shafi has also tried something different from his usual comedies. I am happy to be a part of this movie. It is about people who celebrate life alone. The film is produced by Sapta Tarang Creations.

About getting serious characters on the other hand…

Naturally, when you get the same kind of characters, you might not enjoy it after one level. Although I would like to do something different, I might not get enough opportunities. And also, if the character has a soul, you can really enjoy playing it.

You entered films in 1981. What has changed for you?

I would say that big changes are happening in cinemas everyday. Whether it’s in technology or storytelling. Today, you don’t even need a story to make a movie. Sometimes it will be about a small incident. And all the changes that have happened in our lives have been reflected in movies.

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There seem to be fewer feature length comedies these days…

It is not easy to write and make such a picture. It requires a lot of patience and work. Making people laugh is no small feat. I doubt that there are people who approach cinema with that much patience today. You can see filmmakers without any background who dazzle you with mastery of their craft in no time.

Do you think comedies have lost their relevance in movies now?

Earlier in the script, they made room to accommodate special comedy acts. There is no such space in today’s cinema. Previously, we had the opportunity to develop such scenes according to the presence of our minds. Now we have stories that need to be told quickly. Therefore, there is only room for organic humor in today’s narratives.

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You’ve been the target of body-shaming jokes. Even recently there was an unsavory incident involving a minister.

I think some people are forgetting that such comparisons are inappropriate in today’s world. Today’s generation notices all these things. Being an elderly person, such things do not bother me. Having said that, he was truthful.

How does political correctness affect movies?

If you don’t have the freedom to say what you want through art, it becomes unnecessary. If a character requires peculiar physical attributes, you have to show it, right? If you continue to argue that such things are politically incorrect and should be avoided, the filmmakers are going to be in trouble, right? And already we have to fear the censor board when we write dialogues or scenes.

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How do film reviews affect films?

I’ve noticed that sane movie reviews are slowly dwindling. The creative bankruptcy that has affected various fields also affects film criticism. If a movie is good, the audience will do well, no matter the negative reviews.

What are your upcoming films?

Aanandam Paramanandam is a Christmas release and is releasing on 23rd of this month. “Kadina kadoramee andakadaham” and “Jackson Bazaar Youth” are the other films ready for release.

And there are also films with Sankar Ramakrishnan, Anoop Sathyan and Rajasenan in a row.


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