How agents can leverage TikTok to build business

By 2022, real estate agents know how important it is to promote a social media presence, where platforms have become an affordable (and often free!) way to promote their business.

As the digital realm continues to evolve, industry professionals credit the pervasive nature of social media—as well as algorithms—for enabling them to make connections with new potential customers.

Elli Jennings, an agent and member of the Jennings Real Estate team with RE/MAX Real Estate Center in Ames, Iowa, joined TikTok in 2020, initially unsure of the platform’s longevity or target audience. However, she soon discovered that the social networking app presented new ways to market her business, showcase her personality and connect with potential customers, especially first-time buyers. House.

“I’ve been developing my other social media channels for five years, but TikTok has definitely been the biggest boost to my online presence,” says Jennings, whose account boasts more than 24,000 followers and has amassed nearly 1 million total likes.

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Consider these ways agents can leverage their TikTok presence to help grow their real estate business.

Don’t hesitate to get started

There’s no time like the present to get started with TikTok, understanding that there may be an initial learning curve as you discover what content performs best. While agents may be reluctant to create videos – and they are into videos themselves – TikTok offers an easy opportunity to make short video snippets.

“Let’s say you only have 200 views on your TikTok video. 200 is more than zero, right? Jennings explained. “Of those viewers, someone will find your content useful and remember you.”

Social media allows agents to humanize their profession by putting a face, a voice and a personality behind their brand. Consumers can better connect with an agent after getting to know their style and expertise through online content before initiating a meeting.

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“I think the first thing people want in a real estate agent is someone they can trust. And what I feel like I’m doing on my social media platforms is building trust so people feel like they know me,” says Jennings.

Create content that provides value

Agents are experts in their specialized facets of real estate – and should consider using that expertise to produce valuable digital content.

“Use your proven real estate knowledge to create videos that will answer the questions that potential home buyers and sellers commonly ask you,” suggests Abby Lee, REMAX Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “TikTok provides a great opportunity to engage with new people and become a trusted consumer source for all things real estate.”

Lee points to the new RE/MAX TikTok channel as an example of a curated content mix that addresses popular real estate topics.

Jennings will often shoot short videos of new listings to gain more consumer interest. However, she advises agents to always get permission from all parties involved before promoting homes on social media.

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In addition to real estate-specific content, TikTok also provides an opportunity to support the community.

“I’m very proud of where I come from. I was born and raised in Iowa and I love living here. But one comment I used to get a lot on some of my TikTok videos was, ‘Why would anyone ever want to live in Iowa?'” Jennings recalls. “And that totally fueled me to want to show everyone why they would love to live in Iowa.”

A benefit to both consumers and local businesses, Jennings uses his platform to promote activities and small businesses in the area. After all, the real estate profession is rooted in community building and helping others, in person and through social media.


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