How do entrepreneurs use the money after funding? Ashneer Grover reveals

Ashneer Grover, BharatPe co-founder recently talked about his love for cars in a podcast ‘Vagerah Vagerah’.

The former judge of Shark Tank India revealed that Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal and Blinkit’s Albinder Dhindsa will buy cars after the funding round.

Grover said he currently owns four cars.

He said that all businessmen in the country are very interested in luxury cars.

During the podcast, Grover said, ” Jaise Zomato the founder of Deepinder, come come zyada shauk usko tha. Jab bhi uska lift car tour aa jati thi toh hum bade chidte le (Deepinder Goyal was obsessed with cars. He buys a sports car every time he gets a loan and we’re going to be a little jealous because he go for a drive in expensive cars).

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Grover added that Albinder Dhindsa also bought a Range Rover after getting the funding.

In other words, Grover says that a scratch on a new car makes him angry.

“If I get scratches in a new car, I will definitely be unhappy for a week, but second-hand cars already come with a few scratches so as not to harm others.”

The 40-year-old businessman told a story about buying an expensive car. He said that once he bought a second luxury car and believed it was MS Dhoni.

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“I bought a GLS (Mercedes-Benz GLS) from Jharkhand and it had a VIP number and the seller forced me to buy it saying it was Dhoni’s first car,” he added.

Grover also emphasized his strong opinions about getting married in his early 20s. When Grover was asked about his lessons from the 20s that helped him later in his business journey. Grover replied, “Married.”

According to Grover, every man and woman has a living clock that a person should get married soon, have a child and then be free to do big things in life.

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Grover advises to use your 20s wisely and find a soul mate if possible and get married early. “This will give you direction, and purpose in life.” Explaining further, he said that a person will not be disturbed in life.

“You know you have kids at home to watch and you have a responsibility to them.” With this role, a person will find motivation and purpose in life, said Grover.

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