‘I Am Shivering With Fear’: Jake Paul and Other Internet Personalities Respond to the Surprising Result of KSI vs Faze Temperr

Boxing is a sport that commands a huge spotlight. It has been around for a long time and will surely continue for a long time. Now, in the last few years, a new version has popped up and is gaining a lot of recognition. These include fan-favorite internet personalities fighting each other and settling beefs among themselves.

KSI is one of the biggest names in this sport. Recently, he was seen participating in the Misfit 4 pay-per-view event, where his jaw-dropping performance stunned many of his internet peers.


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KSI VS FaZe Temperrr: Results and reaction from celebrities

One of the most anticipated events of January that the internet is looking forward to is Misfits 4. Several fights were scheduled for the event. A total of seven exciting fights took place and the main event of the night was between champion KSI and Face Temper.

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The original schedule was KSI vs Dillion Danis, but he backed out at the last minute, citing insufficient training and issues with his contracted weight. That’s when Temper stepped in to confront JJ.

The match was a total of six rounds for the MF Cruiserweight Championship. But KSI shocked everyone with his talent and talent. He knocked out Temper in the first round! This came as a shock to everyone who expected the fight to go a few rounds. The internet exploded with celebrity reactions to the fight’s surprising outcome.

Logan Paul, who is considered JJ’s close friend, was very happy with the outcome of the incident.

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On the other hand, Logan’s brother and current MF Cruiserweight Champion KSI’s arch nemesis Jake Paul was giving a sarcastic response. When Logan asked how he felt about the JJ callout after the win, Jake made a mocking gesture and said: ‘I tremble with fear.’

Short-time American TikToker Bryce Hall was congratulating JJ on boxing in the Tiktokers vs YouTubers bout.

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“I’ll probably punch him in the face” – KSI reveals his friend is now banned by Misfits Promotions after calling out Conor McGregor

About 14 hours ago

British YouTuber Nico Omilana was also seen praising JJ. He was talking about KSI’s excellence in sports. Moreover, Nico praised Temperer for coming in the ring at the last minute to face JJ.

After the fight, JJ is seen calling out his nemesis, Jake Paul. Also, businessman/boxer Joe Fournier and KSI have been seen having a mild beef and fans are hoping that they will fight soon.

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Misfit 4- other fight results of the night

Other outcomes of the event include:

Idris Virgo vs Anthony Taylor (Virgo won by unanimous decision – 40-32, 40-32, 40-32)

Elle Brook vs Faith Ordway (Brooke wins by TKO)


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Swarmz vs Ryan Taylor (Swarmz won by TKO)

Luis Pineda vs BDave (Pineda won by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-25, 30-25)

Salt Papi vs Josh Brooke (Pappy won by KO)


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Slim Albaher vs Tom Zanetti (Slim won by unanimous decision 40-37, 39-37, 39-38)

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