Kennadi’s Kookies is a business started by an 8-year-old Pueblo baker

Christapher Garcia and his daughter Kennedi, 8, prepare a large batch of Kennadi's Kookies at their home on Tuesday, December 20, 2022.

A small home business started as a way for an 8-year-old to raise money for a new bike made waves in Pueblo’s baking scene, earning a top-three spot in the latest Best of Pueblo competition.

It all started last summer when Kennadi Garcia, a student at Villa Bella Expeditionary Elementary School, told her father, Christapher Garcia, that she wanted a new bike. He suggested that they find a way for him to earn a little money to help pay.

“Kennadi and I like to work together in the kitchen, so I suggested that we make cookies to sell to friends and family to earn some money,” said Garcia.

Through the power of social media, she started posting about Kennadi’s fundraiser and “it just blew up,” she said. Before they knew it, he had $100 to put toward his new bike and the whole exercise “turned into what it is now a business,” he said.


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