Kody Brown Says Wife Janelle Doesn’t ‘Respect’ Him

  • Kody Brown said on “Sister Wives” that he didn’t want to help his wife Janelle build a house.
  • “If you don’t respect me, don’t bother with love,” Kody said.
  • Janelle said Kody is taking on her relationship issues, which she called “amazing.”

There was a lot of tension between Kody Brown and his second wife Janelle Brown on Sunday’s episode of “Sister Wives” because Kody refused to “break my back” for a wife he felt didn’t “respect” him.

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As documented in season 17, Janelle moved from her home in Flagstaff, Arizona to a mobile home on the Brown family’s Coyote Pass property with her daughter Savanah Brown, 17. She hoped the rest of the family would start making homes there like they had. was originally planned to do.

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But living in the RV was more difficult than she expected, so Janelle changed her plans and told Kody that she now wanted to rent a home to live in until her house was built.

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The couple argued several times on the show because Kody wanted Janelle to buy Christine’s ex’s house (which was on the market at the time) so they could rent it out in the future. Janelle countered saying she couldn’t afford the mortgage on both houses. She believed she could have her house on Coyote Pass built within a year.

In a solo interview, Janelle said that the only reason Kody wanted to buy Christine’s house was because he wanted to keep it in the family, as opposed to thinking about her needs. She said she would feel “trapped” there and wasn’t going to let Kody “steamroll” her into doing what he wanted to do.

In a scene late in Sunday’s episode, Kody visited Janelle’s RV to tell her that her plans to build the house had to be delayed while they built a subdivision on the property.

Janelle told cameras that Kody had a “tough summer” (presumably because Christine moved) and is now making the construction issues at Coyote Pass “all my problem” and blaming her for “making him uncomfortable.” She called Kody’s behavior “unbelievable.”

Kody Brown.

Kody Brown in “Sister Wives”.


Kody told cameras in an interview that he was against Janelle’s idea because he felt “disrespected” by her during the COVID-19 pandemic. As viewers saw in Season 16, Janelle traveled during the pandemic and even fired Kody for trying to make her feel bad about visiting her kids.

“I’m not going to break my back to work for you when you don’t respect me, I’m just not. And Janelle needs someone who will break her back to make this project happen and it’s not me now.” Kody said in his interview.

“Men don’t feel love from women who don’t respect them. I feel like Janelle has a hard time respecting me or showing me respect,” he added. “If you don’t respect me, don’t bother with love.”

New episodes of “Sister Wives” air Sundays at 10pm ET on TLC.


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