Mainland China reports first Covid-related deaths since Shanghai lockdown

This restaurant, along with many others in Beijing’s business district of Chaoyang, suspended food service over the weekend as the number of Covid cases increased.

Jade Gao | AFP | Getty Images

BEIJING – Three people died over the weekend after contracting Covid, the first deaths from the virus recorded by mainland China since May, when the Shanghai city.

The three men, aged between 87 and 91, are in good health and live in Beijing, according to government sources. Reports did not indicate whether they were stabbed.

The capital city of Beijing was heavily affected by Covid-19 over the weekend as local cases rose to hundreds per day, including infections and no symptoms.

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Restaurants, mostly in Beijing’s Chaoyang business district, can only offer takeout or delivery. Several gyms, some supermarkets and a large shopping center were temporarily closed.

Schools in some parts of the city have moved classes online. Many residential communities have been locked down, preventing residents from leaving.

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The southern province of Guangdong, especially its capital city of Guangzhou, is being hit hard by the Covid wave this month. As of Sunday, the government reported nearly 1,000 Covid cases with symptoms, and more than 8,000 without symptoms.

Guangzhou authorities said on Tuesday that seven schools in the city’s 11 districts will hold classes online, allowing one district to resume in-person classes. On November 10, schools in eight districts moved their classes online for most students.

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Mainland China’s latest wave of Covid infections has affected all 31 of the country’s government regions, with varying restrictions on local businesses and social services. On Sunday alone, mainland China reported more than 26,000 Covid-19 cases, with no symptoms.

Vaccines for the elderly

Vaccination rates for Guangzhou’s elderly population must be improved, city officials said Tuesday, noting that 110,000 residents over the age of 60 have not been vaccinated. Only Chinese-made vaccines are currently available.

More than 90% of China’s 1.4 billion people have been vaccinated since Nov. 11, but the rate is lower for people over 80 — at 65.7%, a senior health official said. in a story.

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In the US, more than 90% of people 75 and older have been vaccinated, and in Singapore, more than 90% of people 80 and older have been vaccinated, according to official data in each country.

More than a week ago, Chinese authorities said they would reduce quarantine periods by two days, among other restrictions, as they focus on improving Covid-19 controls. The country has stuck to the no-Covid policy, while the rest of the world has switched to a strategy of living with Covid.

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