Man turns ordinary floor into treadmill with dishwasher; internet in splits

Viral Video: Man Turns Ordinary Floor into Treadmill Using Dishwasher;  The Internet at the Divide

Man runs after throwing dishwasher on slippery floor. Videograb: Twitter

Be it the rare Monday inspiration or the unimaginably quirky content, businessman Anand Mahindra’s Twitter feed has never failed to attract users. So, scrolling down his account must have become a daily routine for most of the Twitter population. This time, the entrepreneur has come up with a hilarious cost-cutting technique for gym freaks. It looked very risque but the viewers couldn’t stop laughing. Mahindra shared a clip of a man who should be awarded the Innovation of the Year trophy for his crazy idea of ​​making the world’s cheapest treadmill.


Instead of going to the gym, the guy chose his kitchen to do his daily workout. The viral video shows him squeezing some drops of a dishwasher onto a tiled floor. Then he opened the tap and took some water in his hand and sprinkled it on the same spot.

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The man took some time to mix the two with his feet. After giving the slippery brew a check, he began his exercise. He stood there like someone taking control of a treadmill. He turned on an imaginary button on the front and began to run slowly. Finally, he picked up the acceleration as Kai gestured to speed up with that non-existent controller.

As the video went viral on the internet, the comment section became invaluable. While some users mentioned risk factors, some revealed other different types of “jugar”. But one thing they all had in common was the laughing emoji.

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One person added a stern disclaimer, “Do not try at home. You’ll probably end up with a bloody nose and a handful of teeth, not the result you want from exercise.”

Another user shared a photo of a sleeping man, who can be seen supporting his protruding stomach with a piece of wood.

One onlooker quipped, “I wonder why, after all, he fell so badly.”

A person could not guess “how he will stop.”

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Here are some other responses:

The 52-second-long film has received more than 4 lakh views so far. Also, it has collected 20,000 likes on Twitter. However, all said and done, don’t try this at home!

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