Megan Thee Stallion’s Countersuit Against Label 1501 Certified Entertainment Moves Forward

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It is raining victories in the fourth quarter of this year Megan Thee stallion. Her new victory in the case against Tory LanezA judge in a separate case ruled Wednesday that her publisher requested that her hit album “Something for Thee Hotties, be described as something less than an album according to her contract. This also means that the rapper also known as Megan Pete’s million dollar lawsuit against 1501 certified entertainment can also continue.

According to Rolling Stone magazinethe publication initially requested that the court bypass the trial, expressly ruling that “Something for Thee Hotties” would not be listed as an album because it contained previously available recordings and that it allegedly “failed to follow proper consent procedures.” “

Pete responded to the motion on December 19, asking for an opportunity to argue his case in court.

“Pete should have her day in court to present evidence and testimony to the jury showing that she did all that was required of her in the delivery and release of her albums,” the reply brief reads.

The filing states that sketches and freestyles on the album because although some of them could be heard on YouTube, they were never available for purchase by the public.

“If there is any ambiguity surrounding the term ‘previously unpublished,’ that should be reserved as a question of fact for the jury,” the paperwork states.

Pete also says that after 300 Entertainment bought the exclusive rights to produce, distribute and sell her work, she began working with them to do just that. She goes on to say that the company “kept 1501 updated on developments” prior to the album’s release and provided 1501 with a link to the project. The filing claims that 1501 “raised no objections” until two months after the album’s release.

In August, Pete’s complaint was amended to state that both “Something for Thee Hotties” and “A shock wave” “both constitute a “plate” as defined in the recording agreement of the parties,” and therefore “she has satisfied all option periods” in the contract she signed in 2018. She also changed the request for non-monetary compensation to one million. dollars in damages.

According to records reviewed by Rolling Stone, the relationship between 1501 Certified and Megan Thee Stallion started going south after she hired Roc Nation as her manager. She quickly learned that everything she had negotiated within her contract with 1501 was not up to industry standards.

“When I got to Roc Nation, I got management — real management — and real lawyers,” Pete said in a Twitter video in 2020. “They were like, ‘You know this is in your contract?’ And I was like, ‘Oh shit, that’s crazy. No, I didn’t know.'”

While Pete was granted a restraining order in 2020 and reached a settlement with 1501, she still had two albums to complete to fulfill her contractual obligations. With that behind her, the artist is hoping to be awarded the full million in an effort to make up for what she says are lost royalties she’s been owed for her music.


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