Ministry of Labour signs MoU with French NGO Supernovae to rehabilitate conflict affected youth

The Ministry of Labor and Reconstruction of Libya signed an MoU with the French NGO Supernovae in Tripoli last Thursday to rehabilitate and empower the young people affected.

Adel Ali Al-Aqbi, Director of the International Cooperation Department signed for the Ministry while Raif Wafa, Director of the Libya Office signed for Supernovae.

The signing of the MoU comes to strengthen the collaboration between Supernovae and the Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation regarding the support, training, rehabilitation and integration of young people affected by the conflict. .

Wafa, approved by the Libya Herald according to this MoU, will support and implement training programs for business enterprises and small, medium and micro businesses, and support for the economic empowerment program for young people. He said that there will be an emphasis on supporting the Libyan National Program for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction. and involving financial, technical and social stakeholders.

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He added that goods and equipment will be purchased, and necessary services will be provided to support the agreed programs and technical support will be provided to ensure capacity building in the basis of improving job opportunities and eliminating unemployment in Libya.

Supernovae will commit to providing the necessary supplies and equipment to carry out the training and certification programs mentioned in the terms of the agreement.

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According to the MoU, support and training will be given to 100 labor inspectors to activate the supervision role of the Libyan Ministry of Labor and help them to stabilize the conditions of foreign workers. according to Libyan law.

In addition, 150 young Libyans will be trained in entrepreneurship and vocational training, with 15 teachers trained for technical support and 10 teachers trained as job visitors. The terms of the agreement will be implemented in the coming days according to a precise work schedule prepared with Supernovae.

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