New TONOMUS Venture Studio launches metaverse competition to solve the world’s biggest challenges

  • TONOMUS Venture Studio is building a pipeline of businesses to improve businesses and develop innovative technologies.
  • Metaverse New Venture Competition is the first in a series of competitions that feed into the Studio’s portfolio of international ventures.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TONOMUS Venture Studio launched its operations today with the announcement of a new metaverse-based competition. The Studio is the architectural and engineering investment of TONOMUS, the first branch of NEOM and a national intellectual association that promotes the the world’s first natural gas technology. The TONOMUS Venture Studio is dedicated to the creation of a group of businesses using Silicon Valley-applied methods and strategies. It will also build global talent capacity and launch a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The Metaverse New Venture Competition is the first in a series of competitions. The new business competition is an important element in the Studio’s plan to improve business worldwide and develop businesses and investments to improve the environment; create new ways of living in communities; and develop innovative technologies in many areas to empower people.

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Beverly RiderCEO of TONOMUS Venture Studio, said, “We are at the tip of the iceberg of how we can use the metaverse to solve problems now and in the future. We need more collaboration and intelligence; ideas and opinions from everyone, everywhere. ; a new generation of entrepreneurs, and truly pioneering technologies—some of which have not been imagined until now. A whole new industry is waiting to be built—when it arrives, we will be able to unlock the promise of the metaverse.”

TONOMUS Venture Studio’s series of new venture competitions will feed into the Studio’s pipeline focusing on the cognitive ecosystem, including Web3, hyperconnectivity, hyperscale data centers, computing capability, data privacy, intelligent analytics, AI, robotics, networking equipment and cloud infrastructure, digital technology. twin technology, games, and more.

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The TONOMUS New Venture Competition is looking for ideas that use the metaverse, effectively combining the physical and the virtual in several industries: tourism, development education, e-commerce, real estate, construction, arts and culture, entertainment, and more. Up to 20 semi-finalist teams will receive one-on-one coaching by experts from TONOMUS Venture Studio and up to four winning teams will invited to a 12-week program to develop their ideas at the TONOMUS Venture Studio. The competition will open its call for proposals for six weeks starting on January 5.


TONOMUS is a world-leading technology development powering the world’s first natural gas technology in NEOM, an inland region. Saudi Arabia paving the way for a new future fueled by pioneering technology. TONOMUS’ digital infrastructure will be NEOM’s operating system, enabling the bravery of its communities and industries. In partnership with the world’s technology leaders, the future of sustainable living will be cobbled together with technology. Think research that will be shared with the world.

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About TONOMUS Venture Studio

TONOMUS Venture Studio is building businesses that focus on the ecosystem, including communication, digital capabilities, AI, and robotics, as well as key infrastructure that supports all of them. The home of the TONOMUS New Venture Competition series, the TONOMUS Venture Studio is building a business community using Silicon Valley-based methods and strategies. It will also build global talent capacity and launch a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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This is distributed by Edelman on behalf of NEOM. More information is available at the Ministry of Justice, Washington, DC.



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