Ozzy Osbourne looks frail and unrecognizable amid Sharon health scare

A frail Ozzy Osbourne was seen leaning on a stick while shopping at luxury supermarket Erewhon Market in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The “Crazy Train” rocker, 74, looked almost unrecognizable with chin-length gray hair and a gray tartan coat with black trainers. A female assistant helped him steer his shopping cart through the store.

His sighting in LA comes days after his wife, Sharon, was hospitalized after suffering an emergency while filming scenes for son Jack’s paranormal TV series.

In early 2020, the Prince of Darkness publicly revealed his battle with Parkinson’s disease, although he was diagnosed in 2003. He now uses a walking stick as a result.

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Over the course of his life, Ozzy has dealt with alcohol and drug problems, as well as hospitalizations.

Since 2019, he has undergone several surgeries to correct neck and back problems stemming from a fall at home and an ATV accident 16 years earlier. His last operation was in June when he had pins removed and realigned in his neck and back.

The Prince of Darkness was out shopping in Erewhon and got a little help from an assistant as he wheeled his shopping cart.
The Prince of Darkness was out shopping in Erewhon and got a little help from an assistant as he wheeled his shopping cart.

Determined not to let his health issues hold him back, the Black Sabbath frontman told People in September that he still plans to hit the road.

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“That’s where I belong,” Ozzy said of touring. “The relationship I have with my audience is the greatest love affair of my life.

“I’m determined to get back on stage, even if I have to be nailed to a board and ride on,” he added. “Survival is my legacy.

Ozzy Osbourne performs at halftime of the NFL game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills at SoFi Stadium on September 8 in Inglewood, California.
Ozzy Osbourne played at halftime when the Los Angeles Rams took on the Buffalo Bills at SoFi Stadium in LA on September 8th.
Getty Images
Osborne leaves Erewhon Market on December 20.
Ozzy is pictured on his way out of Erewhon Market after his visit on December 20.
The frail Ozzy Osborne goes grocery shopping
Ozzy was spotted days after his wife, Sharon, was admitted to hospital with a “non-life threatening” emergency.

Meanwhile, following her hospital stay, Sharon, 70, revealed she was back home and “doing great” in social media posts on Monday, although she has yet to publicly reveal the reason for her hospital stay. The Post reported Saturday that a source said it was not life-threatening.

“She has been given the all clear by her medical team and is now at home,” Jack Osbourne wrote in an Instagram Story on Saturday. “As for what happened to my mom—I’m going to let her tell her when she’s ready.

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She was well enough to shop by herself at the James Perse store in Beverly Hills on Monday.

Sharon and Ozzy have claimed that they will soon be moving back across the pond because Ozzy was fed up with America’s constant gun violence. But the Brit recently changed his tune and said he wants to stay in the US after all.


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