Park Min-young’s agency Hook Entertainment was raided for five hours by National Police Agency

On November 10, 2022, agents from the State Police raided the Chungdam offices of Park Min-young’s agency Hook Entertainment, for reasons that have not yet been disclosed to the public.

The attack began at 12 noon and ended at 5 pm, according to reports. It is unusual for federal agents to raid the offices of entertainment companies, and K-drama fans suspect that the attack was due to the company’s owner Kang Jong-hyun, who is said to be Park Min-young’s former lover.

Dispatch had previously reported that Park Min-young and Kang Jong-hyun were in a long-term relationship. After Min-young’s contract expired with her previous agency, Namoo Actors, the actress signed with Hook Entertainment, owned by Kang Jong-hyun, reportedly at the latter’s insistence.

Three companies, all owned by Park Min-young’s ex-boyfriend, were raided by the authorities

SBS revealed that Hook Entertainment was raided by the police. Some entertainment insiders said it had nothing to do with Kang Jong-hyun’s case.

According to a report by SBS, three companies, including Hook Entertainment, were part of the raid conducted by the National Police. All three have ties to Kang Jong-hyun, who is known to be Park Min-young’s ex-boyfriend.

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While many netizens speculated that the Hook Entertainment attack was due to Kang Jong-hyun’s involvement in the company, SBS reported that according to people with connections in the entertainment industry, it has more to do with internal management troubles.

The attack follows the travel ban imposed on Kang Jong-hyun on Oct. 27 when the chief prosecutor convicted him as an amateur in an alleged embezzlement case.

Briefly, about the Dispatch exposure of Park Min-young’s ex


In September of this year, Dispatch released an in-depth report on Park Min-young and Kang Jong-hyun’s long relationship. Aside from the relationship, the revelation also revealed Kang Jong-hyun’s numerous businesses.

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Kang Jong-hyun, president of several companies such as Bithumb, Vident, Inbiogen and Bucket Studio, made headlines for embezzlement and financial corruption. It was discovered that he uses borrowed accounts to conduct his business and uses company funds for personal leisure.

He was also charged with fraud and falsification of personal documents in 2013-14 and again in 2014-15 for borrowing more money than required. In 2016, he was once again charged with fraud.

Dispatch originally followed Kang Jong-hyun for two months when they found out he was in a relationship with Love in the deal an actress

After her exclusive contract with Namoo Actors ended on December 29, 2021, she revealed that she is looking for a new management company.

On December 30, 2021, she quickly signed with Hook Entertainment, a subsidiary of Chorokbaem Media, headed by Won Young-shik. Kang Jong-hyun has ties to Hook Entertainment and is believed to have influenced her decision to join the agency.

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Park Min-young’s agency has not released a statement so far

@bingbinggrae @kdramacasting Never mention PMY name she has nothing to do with it and have you not read the text do you understand what is written??

Hook Entertainment has revealed that Her private life the actress broke up with Kang Jong-hyun after reports of their affair and his shady past came to light.

They also denied her or her older sister’s involvement in Kang Jong-hyun’s financial companies. Min-young’s older sister is the non-executive director of INBIOGEN, one of the companies listed on Kang Jong-hyun’s business card in which he is named chairman.

At the time of publication, Hook Entertainment had not issued any statement regarding the attack.


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