Rakuten Mobile uses 4G and 5G for successful demonstration of combining real and virtual motorsports racing, 5G

Tokyo, November 9, 2022 –On October 23, 2022, Rakuten Mobile, Inc. (“Rakuten Mobile”) successfully staged an exhibition of real and virtual combined motor sports in the 2022 Inter Proto Series held at Keeper Round 2 by Inter Proto Motor Sports Co. , Ltd.*1. Using 4G and 5G mmWave provided by Rakuten Mobile, successfully conducted an e-race combining real and virtual through remote transmission of driving data, and real-time synchronous augmented reality (AR) display of virtual car and car racing information. during the run*2.

This demonstration test was held simultaneously at two locations: Fuji Speedway, the venue for the 2022 Inter Proto Series of Keeper Round 2, located in Shizuoka Prefecture, and the Rakuten Mobile Ebisu store in central Tokyo. Test car named “Kuruma”*3 Using data from both sources, Rakuten Mobile used the racing simulator in the Ebisu store to race against a virtual car driven by e-racers on the circuit at Fuji Speedway.

Performance Overview:

1. Implementation of an e-race combining real and virtual through remote transmission of driving data

2. Real-time synchronous AR display of virtual cars in races and AR display of car racing information

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1. Implementation of an e-race combining real and virtual through remote transmission of driving data
By transmitting the data of the test car driven by the real racing driver at Fuji Speedway in real time to the racing simulator driven by the e-racer in the Rakuten Mobile Ebisu store, the e-race between the test car and the virtual car was successfully displayed on the game screen. A telemetry system*4 Provided by M-TEC Co., Ltd. *1 Acquiring and transmitting data from sources including multiple sensors to measure steering angle and other factors, the GPS and cameras installed in the test car running the circuit enabled the display of an equivalent virtualized test car for e-racing on the game screen. 5G mmWave was used for communication between the racing simulator and the game server, realizing a realistic racing experience in real time.

2. Real-time synchronous AR display of races and virtual cars AR display Car racing information
At Fuji Speedway, spectators could watch the race between the two test cars from their spectator seats by holding up a smartphone equipped with a dedicated mobile app developed by Rakuten Mobile, or by wearing smart glasses and watching the race. Rakuten Mobile raced on real-life circuits and virtual cars driven by eRacers competing in the Ebisu store. In addition, driving data such as car position, speed and engine speed generated by test car and virtual car motion, racing driver’s perspective video and game screen video of E-Race are also available for display. Same app. By using Immersal Ltd*1 VPS (Visual Positioning System) technology also enabled AR content to be displayed to spectators in seats around the circuit with high accuracy.

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As the 5G network environment continues to evolve, the future is likely to see large-scale motor sports competitions that combine the real and virtual worlds, as well as multi-angle distribution that allows spectators to check the race situation in real time from any race. -Side seat offers a greatly enhanced viewing experience.

Rakuten Mobile will continue to collaborate with various companies and organizations through the Rakuten Mobile Partner Program with the goal of providing customers with new experiences that leverage communications and technology.

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*1 Interproto Motorsports, Inc., M-TEC Co., Ltd., and Immersal Ltd. are participating companies in the Rakuten Mobile Partner Program, a co-creation program operated by Rakuten Mobile. For details about each company, please refer to the following pages.
Inter Proto Motor Sports (Japanese only)
URL: https://drivingathlete.com/
・M-TEC (Japanese only)
URL: http://www.mugen-power.com/
URL: https://immersal.com/
*2 In the 2022 Inter Proto Series presented by Keeper on Sunday, October 23rd, we made an appearance in Round 4 of the Gentlemen’s Race (race starts at 9:15) and Rounds 3 and 4 of the Professional Race (race starts). 15:00 and 15:30).
*3 “Kuruma” is a Japanese racing car designed for the one-make race (a race that unites all racing car types) called the “Interproto Series”.
*4 A telemetry system is a system that collects driving data (driving position, driving speed, engine speed, etc.) of a driving vehicle and transmits it to a remote location. Telemetry function.


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