Starlink ends its unlimited satellite Internet data policy as download speeds keep dropping

Starting December 2022, Starlink Satellite Internet subscribers using more than 1TB of data per month will see their speed throttled during peak hours of 7AM-11PM. As a way of incentivizing subscribers to shift heavy downloads during night hours, usage during the peak hours of 11PM-7AM will not count as part of the allotment.

According to Starlink’s new fair usage policy, which was rolled out to North American subscribers starting Friday, overage users will have the option to restore their priority access at 25 cents per gigabyte, otherwise they will remain on depriority until the end of basic access. month

Elon Musk’s SpaceX continues to add Starlink coverage to new countries and territories, and new commercial customers continue to be noticed as it gets the green light to provide satellite Internet on moving vehicles such as RVs, boats, yachts or cruise ships. These new customers are starting to affect Starlink’s internet download speeds, which fell as much as 54% year-over-year in Q2, while average speeds in the US dropped to around 60 Mbps.

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Before the big subscriber rush, Starlink’s website listed a speed tier of 350 Mbps in the residential sector, while it is now shown in the more expensive business options. Starlink says that standard customers can expect speeds of 20-100 Mbps on fixed Internet plans, while realistic expectation numbers for business customers double to 40-220 Mbps.

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Some users suggest that maintaining two Starlink satellite Internet subscriptions is cheaper than paying US$0.25 per gigabyte for the next 1TB of priority access at full speed, which is now possible. Commenting on the end of Starlink’s unlimited internet policy was none other than Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, who warned that 1TB of data per month may not be enough for the “scaling endgame” he proposed earlier this year to solve for the Ethereum blockchain. Busy

However, SpaceX says that less than 10% of Starlink subscribers use more than 1TB of monthly data, and that the new Fair Usage Policy data limit only affects them.

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