Twitter Blue for Business: Square Profile Pics, Fee to Get Verified

Elon Musk’s Twitter, eager for a new source of income, will soon start paying a fee for businesses to retain their status – and the social network has introduced new logos for companies and brands on the situation.

The Twitter Blue for Business service is a “new way for businesses and their partners to authenticate and authenticate themselves on Twitter,” the company announced on Monday. Going forward, the gold check that Twitter started using in business last week will only be for accounts registered in Twitter Blue for Business.

Twitter has not announced pricing for Twitter Blue for Business. The company says it is currently running Blue for Business with a “select group of businesses”; in 2023, Twitter said that the service will be published in many businesses. According to Musk, in the next few months, Twitter will remove all traditional authentication check-marks – so that eventually only paying individuals and companies will be approved.

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The announcement comes as company watchers wait to see if Musk will follow through on his pledge to step down as CEO based on the results of an ad-hoc poll he posted on Sunday. users are asked if he should resign as the head of Twitter. The majority (57.5%) voted “yes.”

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There is a sense of urgency for Musk, who spent billions of debt to raise $44 billion of Twitter, to generate revenue for the company. Many advertisers have pulled back or stopped spending on Twitter amid Musk’s tumultuous changes, which have included a reduction in volume and collective decision to return accounts (including Donald Trump’s) was banned under the previous administration.

Twitter last week re-launched Twitter Blue, the exclusive service for individuals including the color blue, with new measures to prevent the flood of impersonators who flooded the service and caused confusion. widely when Musk ordered the Twitter Blue reboot last month. Twitter Blue costs $8 a month to purchase on the web and $11 a month through Apple’s iOS.

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“As a Twitter Blue for Business, a company can connect any number of their individuals, businesses and brands to their account,” Twitter said in a blog post. Blue for Business customers can tag stories together – such as employees, brands and even “film characters” – which will generate a small pin is their parent company profile picture next to their blue or gold logo.

In addition, Twitter on Monday said that along with the blue and gold check-marks, gray marks are used on government and international information.


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