What is happening with the alleged Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes affair?

The claims for the case are centered around Good morning America Co-hosts Amy Robich and TJ Holmes — both married to other people and previously praised for their on-air chemistry — successfully captured both your parents and your kid sister at the same time.

The scandal Woke up early this week to tabloid revelations that Robech and Holmes were having an affair, with pictures of the two holding hands and making out.

The flurry of paparazzi photos and tabloids surrounding the co-hosts harks back to the days of celeb gossip, when the latest hot Britney or Paris scandal is fueled by paps and Hilton awards — not DM screenshots or tearful YouTube confessions. This piece of gossip resonates with a younger audience this time around, bridging the gap between a show that often plays in the background in doctor’s office waiting rooms and a hyper-online audience.

On Twitter, chatter spread about the personal lives of the hosts. Pop culture junkies have posted recaps of the drama so far on TikTok. Perhaps the most shocking response: Both Robech and Holmes deleted their personal Instagram accounts.

Here’s what you need to know about the drama (so you can explain it to your parents or aunt who just love those GMA clips) and its impact.

WHO: Robach, 49, and Homes, 45, anchor a daytime segment called GMA3: What you need to know. They have worked together at ABC since 2014 and became co-anchors in September 2020.

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“Once he started at ABC, I think we just clicked,” Robech previously told People.. She added that the two would go on double dates with their partners and that her children would babysit for him.

Robech is currently married to Andrew Shaw, best known for playing Billy Campbell on the prime time soap Melrose Place. They have been married since 2010. TJ Holmes has been married to his wife – an immigration attorney – since 2010.

what: This week, the Daily Mail broke the story that the hosts were (allegedly) Romantically involved, he posted a series of after-hours photos of the pair together, showing Robech and Holmes holding hands in an Uber, drinking wine at a bar and cozying up as they left an upstate New York cottage earlier this month. Videos and photos show Homes playfully holding the robocha, um, peach emoji as he leans over. On social media, chatter surrounded how cheeky the hosts were, seemingly flirting in broad daylight.

Soon after, Page Six published stories in which unnamed sources speculated about how far the alleged relationship had gone and where things stood with Robech and Holmes’ spouses. This is where the details get fuzzy.

When: Page Six said the couple started getting close around March when they started training together for the New York City Marathon. By June, the Daily Mail says, an unnamed source told the tabloid that ABC staff were “buzzing” about their “intimacy” when the pair covered the Queen’s platinum jubilee from England.

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But a People story, which also cites anonymous sources, said Robech and Holmes didn’t meet until they both separated from their spouses in August.

These allegations about the affair have surfaced all over the social sphere since the tabloid photos dropped.

Rolling Stone says it’s because it feels like a “vintage” drama.

“Frankly, no one was prepared for this kind of withdrawal, and even people who had never watched or heard of Holmes and Robach were invested,” wrote Internet Culture Miles Clay explained. “It’s a drama that bridges generations, and it doesn’t happen in DM screenshots.”

It should be noted that Robuch and Holmes aren’t influencers or glitzy actors — they’re part of Good Morning America, a legacy morning news show brand that’s been around since the 1970s.

The GMA drama fuses analog tabloid news with today’s highly online audience. Some followers are really learning about Good morning America First time just to follow. One user joked about “how many seasons” they have to watch to understand the “arc of the novel.”

At the same time as the Internet’s journey of injustice, Holmes deleted his Instagram account on Wednesday, while Robbie initially set hers to private but later disabled it entirely. Neither couple has spoken about the allegations, but by Wednesday, Shaw had deleted photos of him and most of you from his Instagram account.

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GMA3The Instagram account of – as expected – was flooded with comments about the alleged affair.

DeuxMoi, an Instagram account with a large following that posts unverified celebrity gossip from an anonymous source, posted a series of Instagram Stories addressing the scandal and citing messages from people who say they are close to the GMA drama.

On TikTok, pop culture analysts such as Simone Ombe (@SimplySimone) and Morgan Wright (@MorganPTalks) have released a series of commentary videos breaking down the allegations and fallout from the affair as it unfolds.

Mother is the word.

On Thursday – the first time Robech and Holmes will be seen together GMA3 Since the allegations began to spread – everyone has acted shockingly normal.

“Amy and TJ aren’t just back at work, they’re both at the table [and] Nothing is admitted at all,” Umba said in a TikTok post.

Neither Robach nor Holmes had publicly acknowledged the allegations as of press time. ABC also did not comment on the controversy. A Good morning America The spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As for whatever happens next, the world will be watching—and tweeting, and investigating, and Tiktoking about it all.


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